The Community Concern Speed Enforcement Programme, which was launched in September 2009, allows the Safer Roads Partnership to respond to the concerns raised by local residents and community groups about speeding in their communities.

Local residents worried about speeding vehicles should contact their local Parish Council to raise their concerns or raise it with their Safer Neighbourhood Team within West Mercia Police or Warwickshire Police at a PACT (Partners and Communities Together) or Community Forum meeting. The Parish Council or Safer Neighbourhood Team can then raise the issue with the Safer Roads Partnership via the Contact Us facility on this website or in writing at PO Box 446, Worcester, WR2 4YR.

Around 20% of all sites that are operated by the Safer Roads Partnership are what are termed ‘Community Concern’ sites. These are sites that have been launched in direct response from concerns from local people. Once the Safer Roads Partnership receives a request via PACT or the Parish Council, speed data is collected at the site to establish if there is a speeding issue and to determine the nature of the speeding problem if one exists.

If it can be shown that there is an enforceable speeding problem and the volume of traffic is above a certain level, site visits will be made to identify a safe and suitable enforcement location. Other checks are also made to progress the site as a speed enforcement location.

Once operational, a Community Concern site generally runs for a minimum of six months. During this time further speed data is collected to monitor speeds and the effect of speed enforcement on driver behaviour. The Safer Roads Partnership will only exit a Community Concern site if speeds have been reduced.